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Skylr Infinite

Marketing Manager

Job Description

Posted on: 
February 14, 2024

*Worldwide applications welcome.

Are you someone who wants to make an impact on a rapidly-growing startup? This role is for you!  

We are looking for a driven and motivated Marketing Manager to join our family at Skylr Infinite. As a Marketing Manager, your main focus will be on creating and implementing new growth strategies, techniques, and tactics as well as supporting and evolving on current ones, supporting social media channel content, working on campaigns and events, and driving PR efforts for our brands, Valkence and Waivly.

This position is perfect for someone who is fast-moving yet strategic, results-driven, creative, and adaptable. If you are someone who is all for taking things from zero to a hundred, building and growing brands, launching and evolving products, social media and the creator economy, and spaces including tech, gaming, and fashion, this is the role for you!


What you’ll be doing as a Marketing Manager at Skylr Infinite:

  • Collaborating with the Skylr Infinite family on building and developing our platforms and products with growth in mind
  • Working alongside the Partnerships Manager (We're currently hiring for this role) to achieve partnerships
  • Creating and implementing new growth strategies, techniques, and tactics
  • Driving PR efforts and helping to get our brands out into the world
  • Keeping abreast with the latest trends and changes in our spaces
  • Conducting competitor analysis and market research
  • Supporting and evolving current marketing efforts
  • Optimizing our platforms, content, and products
  • Helping with social media and platform content
  • Running campaigns and events

Alongside working in these areas, we’re looking for someone to be engaged throughout Skylr Infinite and help our efforts and movements throughout the entire company. We’re a very open-work-based company, meaning that alongside our core positions, we love to see everyone help and input in various areas of the company.

As an early-stage startup, we're all very boots on the ground and down for the journey style people, and we'd love for you to join us with that mentality. At Skylr Infinite, we work as one family so everyone is always collaborating together, sharing ideas and inputting on all areas of the company, in the loop of what's happening everywhere and the progress being made.


What We Look For

We're looking for a motivated, results-driven, and visionary Marketing Manager who loves building and growing brands and working around social media and the creator-economy. You'll play a huge role in the success of the company with taking the lead on current marketing responsibilities and creating and implementing new growth tactics, helping to get the brands out into the world, establishing relationships with potential clients and getting us in front of new audiences, and running campaigns and events.


To apply for this position, you must be at least 18 years old. As the position is remote based, we are open to worldwide applications. The company and our office is based in the United Kingdom so only those living or staying there will be able to use the office, however, we work remotely 100% of the time so the office is solely an option for people would like to use it and never a requirement.


As we're a new and emerging startup, this position is currently a voluntary role and able to be worked part-time when you're able to. We're actively looking to raise for the company and so we look forward to moving this position into a paid, full-time, employed role in the near future. We will be offering equity within 2 months of being with us and revenue-shares as we hit various milestones.


  • Be apart of an exciting, fast-paced startup that gives the opportunity to influence and make an impact on it at all times
  • Celebratory gifts and revenue-share at various milestones prior to the position becoming full-time
  • Exclusive discounts and freebies from Skylr Infinite's brands and partners
  • Work as you want, when you want, working times, within reason
  • Equity in Skylr Infinite within 2 months of being at the company
  • A passionate, driven, social, and family-like environment
  • An opportunity for a full-time position in the near future
  • The ability to work remotely as you like, where you like
  • Experience and knowledge in a range of areas
  • Unlimited holiday and time off

Additional Information

Work Location

Our company and office is based in United Kingdom, however, we work remotely so you will be able to work flexibly from home or wherever you want to be remotely. We have office space in London if you’d like to have a switch of scenery and have a change from working remotely.

About Skylr Infinite and its brands, Valkence and Waivly

Skylr Infinite is a parent company that powers impactful brands. Our brands include Valkence and Waivly. Although the brands operate in different spaces, we work on both seamlessly at the same time with zero friction and sometimes collaborate both together.

Valkence is the creator-first driven organization situated around gaming, entertainment, and lifestyle, and premium apparel brand. Valkence boasts a powerful family of content creators with over 1.5M+ combined followers in reach who make collaborate together and come together to grow Valkence and their own brands. Valkence operates multiple branches off it, including Valkence Apparel, a premium activewear apparel brand, Valkence Studios, a podcast and entertainment arm, Valkence eSports, a competitive gaming division, and Riveara, a newly-launched premium creator partner that powers creators with merch and content to deliver quality experiences for their fans. See more on Valkence at

Waivly is the platform for future-led tech professionals and enthusiasts. Waivly, similarly to Valkence, is an all-encompassing brand with multiple branches. Waivly itself acts as a media brand, sharing content through its newsletter, website, and social media platforms on the latest in and future of tech, business, and finance. Waivly runs platforms under itself, including Waivly Jobs, a jobs platform where jobseekers can find positions from future-led companies and recruiters can attract top-tier talent, Waivly Discover, an outlet for discovering new and exciting products and launches, and Waivly Learn, an educational outlet where people can learn about Web3, AI, and tech. See more on Waivly at

We're a fast-growing, family-spirited, and enthusiastic company and family. We work together as one, inputting and working all throughout the business together alongside doing our core roles. We're very opportunist-minded, driven, and locked in on our goals and as a newly-emerging startup, are very boots on the ground, down for the rollercoaster of a startup type people, and we hope that you are too.

We believe in there being possibilities everywhere and funnel through our brands opportunities and quality products for everyone. After all, there’s a reason our slogan is Infinite Possibilities.

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