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Research Analyst

Job Description

Posted on: 
March 15, 2024

About Us:

ZKValidator is a lean expert team with a diverse skill set. We’re driven by a mission, promoting privacy and zero knowledge tech, the next frontier of Web3. We strive to provide high-performance infrastructure to blockchain networks, which has allowed us to be a top validator on Cosmos, Celestia, Celo, Mina, Moonbeam, Polkadot and more.


We are seeking an experienced Research Analyst to join our team and contribute to our mission of advancing the state of distributed systems and cryptography. As a Full-Time Research Analyst, you will be pivotal in researching and understanding advancements in ZK cryptography, Proof-of-Stake networks and distributed / peer-to-peer systems, such as sequencers, provers, consensus mechanisms, and zero-knowledge (ZK) technology. You will then leverage your expertise to create comprehensive and informative technical reports, market analyses and papers that will help us contribute to empowering the next generation of critical distributed infrastructure.

This role is cross-functional and you will interact with and seek inputs from everyone in the team whether it's devops, cryptography, marketing or investing.


  • Conduct in-depth research on cutting-edge cryptography and distributed / p2p systems
  • Collating research in a digestible format for other members of the organisation
  • Analyse market trends and competitor strategies to identify opportunities for our company to grow and expand its reach
  • Produce market analysis reports that provide insights into emerging trends and potential opportunities
  • Communicate with partners to understand their needs and requirements, and to work collaboratively on joint projects and initiatives
  • Contribute to the development of our company's thought leadership by writing blog posts
  • Hosting twitter spaces, attending industry conferences, and eventually representing the company with public speaking engagements


  • At least 1 year professional experience as a technical writer, market analyst, or similar role
  • The ability to identify emerging trends and exciting projects in the early stages of development
  • Prior knowledge and deep interest in cryptography and distributed / p2p systems, e.g., sequencers, provers, ZK technology
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with ability to write compelling and well structured long form pieces
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills and the ability to synthesise complex, multiple sources of information and form a point of view
  • Ability to produce high-quality work under tight deadlines
  • Ability to work proactively and independently, all while contributing effectively to a larger team
  • A passion for blockchain technology and its potential to enable open financial systems
  • Added bonus : Background in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related technical field. English is your native language


  • A full time position exploring the cutting edge technologies that will revolutionise the internet alongside a team of leaders in the field
  • A supportive and friendly work environment
  • Maximum freedom and flexibility thanks to remote work
  • When required, paid travel to conferences and team offsites
  • Competitive fixed compensation GBP 45k-60k

Additional Information

To apply for this role, please submit :

  • Your CV
  • Why you’re excited to apply (not exactly a cover letter, but a chance to tell us why you’re interested in ZKV and why you’re the right person for this role)
  • A 1 page essay on what the different Data Availability options are for rollups today
  • Any relevant research items or presentations you wish to share as writing samples
  • If applicable, please share a link where we can see your code

At ZKV we believe that diversity of minds and backgrounds make us stronger and better equipped to tackle challenges. Our team members come from all walks of life, and all qualified candidates will be considered.

Please let ZKV know that you found the position through Waivly Work as it supports us to be able to keep sharing exciting new positions.

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